Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Disneyland Info

The travel agents attended the booster meeting on 5/16 and provided more details about the trip.  An itinerary was provided that Mr. Menefee is distributing to the students.

Some highlights are listed below:

  1. Thursday June 1st, (time to be determined), there will be a packing party at the high school to prepare for the next day.
  2. Students and Chaperones need to be at the high school at 2:30am on Friday June 2nd, with a sack lunch (no liquid),  snacks and a refillable water bottle.  Water bottles can be filled up once we pass security and also to be used at Disneyland.  You can go up to any restaurant in Disneyland and ask for water free of charge.
  3. Students need to bring money for food.  They will each receive two (2) $10 meal vouchers while there, otherwise they will need to use their own funds for food.  It was recommended that each person bring $150 for food while on this trip.  This should pay for 10 meals at approximately $15 each.
  4. The chaperones will be connecting with their assigned students, so please have them look out for those messages.
  5. Each person is allowed to bring 1 roller bag (the kind that will go in the overhead bin) and 1 personal item (backpack, purse, small bag) that will fit under the seat in front of them.
  6. Each person 18 and older (and if you turn 18 on the trip) need to have Washington State Identification of some kind (drivers license/passport).  Students under 18 can use a school ID or drivers license. 
  7. We will be traveling on two different flights on Alaska Airlines:

Leaving SeaTac:  
Flight AS2759 8:27am/Arriving in Ontario CA  11:25am
Flight AS578   8:55 am/Arriving in Burbank CA  11:18am

Arriving in SeaTac:
Flight AS445 Leaving LAX  6:55pm/Arriving in SeaTac 9:35pm
Flight AS207  Leaving LAX   7:45pm/Arriving in SeaTac 10:23pm

Please email the band for information on student flights or any other questions..

Friday, September 9, 2016

Year Round Fund Raising Opportunities

It's EASY to help the FHS Marching Band Raise Money!
"Fundraisers that won't cost you a thing!"
Band Bucks  |  Amazon's Smile Program  |   Fred Meyer Community Rewards
Band Bucks
What are Band Bucks?
Band Bucks (also called SCRIP) is a gift certificate. It is accepted the same as cash so it should be secured just as you would secure your cash. Parents can purchase band bucks from the band and color guard to be used at any participating FRED MEYER.

How are Band Bucks accepted in the stores?

They are accepted the same as cash with the exception that 95% of the amount of the certificate must go towards store purchases,
How does the FHS Band earn money through the program?
The Ferndale Band/Color Guard will have to purchase minimum amounts of certificates from Fred Meyer at a 5% discount and will then resell them at face value. For example, when you purchase a $50 card, the band will have paid $47.50 for it, therefore earning 5% for the band.
How can this help the Ferndale Band and Color Guard students?

Because the average family spends about $300 per month on groceries, if just the band families used band bucks for their monthly grocery purchases the program could generate approximately $17,000 a year. Of course this number could be much higher if your family, friends, co-workers or neighbors that shop at Fred Meyer also purchased Band Bucks.
 Purchasing your Band Bucks is just a phone call or email away.
  • Email Renetta at renetta_pollock@hotmail.com or call at 371-5483
  • Email - ferndaleband@gmail.com   
 Please remember that these are treated like cash and can not be replaced if lost or stolen.
Fred Meyer
Fred Meyer Community Rewards
You can help the Ferndale Band Boosters earn donations just by shopping with your Fred Meyer Rewards Card!
Fred Meyer is donating $2.5 million per year to non-profits in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, based on where their customers tell them to give. Here’s how the program works:
  • Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to (non-profit) at www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards.
  • You can search for us by our name or by our non-profit number 89000.  Then, every time you shop and use your Rewards Card, you are helping The Ferndale Band earn a donation!
  • You still earn your Rewards Points, Fuel Points, and Rebates, just as you do
  • today.
  • If you do not have a Rewards Card, they are available at the Customer Service desk of any Fred Meyer store.
  • For more information, please visit www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards.
Amazon's Smile Program
Are you familiar with the Amazon’s Smile program?  Through this program you can choose a charity and Amazon will donate a portion of your purchases to that charity.  Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.   

  • Please click on the link below and start ordering your purchases.
  • When you get to the amazon page, select Ferndale Band Boosters and pick the one listed in Ferndale WA as there is several under that name.
  • Thank you for your support.  http://smile.amazon.com